Who is LBI Foundation?

LBI Foundation is a Public Benevolent Institution delivering practical and scientifically grounded training, coaching, accreditation pathways, resources and community development initiatives to build wellbeing and mental health outcomes across Australian communities in need. We do this by empowering, partnering with and growing the capacity of schools, agencies, care teams, programs and communities:

Respond To Need

To understand and respond (rather than react) to the deeper needs (e.g., growth, trauma, developmental, identity) driving wellbeing and mental health outcomes.

Build Capacity

To understand and apply scientifically grounded methods to build wellbeing, resilience and growth outcomes for themselves and the people they support.

Integrate Science with Wisdom

To integrate the science of wellbeing, resilience, growth and trauma-informed practice with the local wisdom and strengths of community members.

Why Have We Formed?

In response to the increasing levels of complexity of need and mental health problems within the Australian community.

To address the gap between the science of wellbeing, trauma-informed practice and growing individual/collective capacity and how it is implemented in the support provided to communities in need.

Our Approach

We have exclusive rights to the IMPACT Program for communities in need.

Our Sponsors and Supporters

LBI Foundation thanks the generous support from these partner agencies

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226 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, 5006

Further Information

Ivan Raymond
0417 846 103

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