LBI Foundation works in collaboration with a range of government, non-government and private groups to respond to the needs of vulnerable or disadvantaged Australians. Communities can be big or small. We define a “community” as a group of people who are brought together with a shared intent or set of goals in mind.

Our Focus: Communities in Need

Our focus is partnering with both individuals and agencies who provide support to vulnerable Australians impacted by trauma, mental illness, disadvantage, social exclusion or disability.

Communities We Empower

We currently work side-by-side with the following communities:

  • Foster care agencies
  • Residential care homes providing support to children with backgrounds of trauma (singular or multiple)
  • Educational providers who support to children and young people who are disengaged from mainstream settings and presenting with at-risk behaviours
  • Family preservation programs who are responsible for preserving families experiencing domestic violence, instability and trauma
  • Correctional care settings
  • Case management providers providing support to children and families disengaged from education and their family of origin
  • Government or non-government therapeutic programs providing interventions to youth-at-risk


Specialist Programs

We have developed, evaluated and refined two specialist programs to grow the capacity of children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds. LBI Foundation is currently developing and refining other specialist programs for communities in need.

1. Children and Young People in Educational Settings

Target community: Children and young people within educational settings (schools, alternative education sites etc) who come from vulnerable and at-risk backgrounds (trauma, guardianship, offending, disability). 

Aim: This program empowers and builds the capacity of educators to provide children and young people the knowledge, skills and resources for wellbeing, life-long learning outcomes and community engagement. 

Additional information: see Resilient IMPACT


2. Children and Young People in Care

Target community: Children and young people with backgrounds of trauma, instability or from circumstances of disadvantage residing (or at high risk of residing) in an out-of-home care setting (foster care, relative care, correctional care).  

Aim: This program empowers and builds the capacity of supporting adults to provide children and young people the knowledge, skills and resources to heal, grow and/or reach their potential. 

Additional information: see Care IMPACT