LBI Foundation is a Public Benevolent Institution dedicated to building the mental health and wellbeing of Australians in need.

We do this by empowering and growing local community capacity to

Respond to the developmental, growth, trauma and wellbeing needs of those being supported

Build individual and collective capacity for wellbeing, resilience and whole-of-life outcomes

 We have exclusive rights to the IMPACT Program for communities in need across Australia.

Our Approach

Our Points of Difference

We partner with individuals and communities within a community capacity building approach. This utilises existing individual and agency strengths and services. We do this by:

  1. Honouring Diversity and Complexity- Our work offers a unifying method, delivered through training, coaching and practical resources, to disentangle the complexity of human wellbeing, growth and resilience, and deliver sustainable outcomes personalised to individual and community.
  2. Activating and Then Growing Local Community Capacity – Our work is personalised to the needs, resources and strengths of local community, big and small. It activates and then grows local community capacity through a process of strengthening and empowerment, not replacing what is being done.
  3. Integrating Best-Practice Evidence with Local Wisdom – Our work integrates best-practice evidence on the science of wellbeing, growth, trauma-informed practice and resilience with the local wisdom of individuals and communities. Our work has in-built capacity building processes to deliver sustainable outcomes.