Overview of Modules (Workshops)

Each of the following modules are designed to be delivered as a 2-3 hour workshop by an IMPACT Coach who is clinically accredited and endorsed by LBI Foundation.

These workshops take the foundational IMPACT Program content to clinical, advanced or complex applications.

These workshops can be delivered in-person or through online webinar or workshop (Zoom) and are designed to be tailored to local agency, school or location.

Module List

21. Trauma and Its Impact (Advanced Under the Surface)
22. Attachment Theory and Attachment Responsive Interventions, Teaching and Caregiving
23. Developmental Stages and Intentional Caregiving and Teaching
24. Understanding Child and Youth Mental Health Diagnoses
25. Growing Healthy Sexual Expression
26. Responding to Challenging Behaviours
27. Children Who Hurt Others – Growing Empathy
28. Thriving Versus Surviving Family Contact
29. Parenting Adolescents With Complex Needs
30. Responding to Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation
31. Grief and Loss
32. Stress, Vicarious Trauma, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
33. Placement Assessment and Matching (With Matching Tool)
34. Coaching Caregivers and Staff Members
35. Developing Carer or Staff Member Growth Action Plans
36. Preventing and Responding to Child and Youth Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms
37. Motivating Clients for Intentional Change (Stages of Change Model and Motivational Strategies)

** Please note: These workshops are designed to be tailored to local agency, school or location.

Accreditation and Online Record

Participants who complete the above clinical modules are invited to complete an online accreditation (with certificate). The accreditation and certificate is then linked to their online learning record (and other completed courses) at www.lblearninghub.org. Participants can access a record or print-out of their accredited courses at any time.

Access to Workshops or Modules

Individuals and agencies can access these modules through a:

  • Public Workshop – modules are delivered through online webinar on a rolling basis – see LBI Foundation upcoming events.
  • Individually Tailored Workshop – as matched to your agency, school or local context.

Please contact LBI if you are interested in an individually tailored workshop (info@lbi.org.au).