IMPACT-6 are six core skills (or competencies) that have been scientifically shown to be predictive of higher:

  • Wellbeing.
  • Resilience.
  • Whole-of-life outcomes (or the ability to make a positive impact in one’s life).

These skills have been consolidated into one-hour modules, which include:

  • An overview of the skill or competency.
  • Summary evidence supporting the skill.
  • Experiential exploration of the skill.
  • Practical guidance and strategies in how to intentionally apply the skill or competency into one’s life and routines.

Module List

IMPACT-6 Module
1. What is Wellbeing, Resilience and PERMA?
2. Mindfulness and Regulating Feelings
3. Growth Mindset (and Intent)
4. Value-Based Goals and Actions
5. Assertive Win-Win Communication
6. Balanced Thinking and Gratitude

Accessing the Modules

The IMPACT-6 modules can be delivered to communities, networks, regions, schools and agencies through:

  • One-Hour Workshops – by a LBI Foundation accredited IMPACT Trainer.
  • One-Day Workshop (all 6 modules) – by a LBI Foundation accredited IMPACT Trainer.
  • Coaching-Based Projects – by a community embedded and accredited IMPACT Coach within their local community (October 2020), as supported by online resources provided by LBI Foundation through

Accreditation and Online Record

Participants who complete the above modules with an IMPACT Coach are invited to complete an online accreditation (with certificate). The accreditation and certificate is then linked to their online learning record (and other completed courses) at Participants can access a record or print-out of their accredited courses at any time.

Further Information

If you would like further information on the IMPACT-6 Wellbeing and Resilience Skills modules, or have them delivered to your community, please email us at