IMPACT Advanced (Intentional Practitioner/Coaching) is second accreditation stage of the IMPACT Program.

This two-day workshop is designed for supporting adults who have completed the IMPACT Introductory Accreditation stage and develop the core skills to:

Conduct intentional coaching conversations and growth action planning processing for clients presenting with more complex needs.

Key Workshop Outcome

This experiential and engaging workshop significantly extends the Introductory IMPACT concepts to advanced applications. Participants will acquire the confidence and skills to:

  • Develop Growth Action Plans that bring focus to (1) deeper ‘under the surface’ factors, (2) identifying areas of growth intent categorised by the building blocks of awareness, skills and mindsets and (3) be able to isolate ‘how’ scripts and strategies that are mapped to specific building blocks of growth.
  • Conduct intentional coaching conversations (as embedded within side-by-side and growth-focused supporting adult relationships).

This workshops develops core skills in the application of the What-What-How as a coaching and communication framework.

What-What-How Applications

The What-What-How® is the centralised embedding tool of IMPACT and the work of LBI Foundation. It is represented by three questions:

  • What’s Happening?
  • What’s Important (Intent)?
  • How can we act?

In this Advanced IMPACT Workshop, participants develop core skills to:

  • Apply the What-What-How as a coaching and communication framework.
  • Coach others to apply the What-What-How as a self-regulation, resilience, wellbeing, decision making tool and trauma-informed Growth Action Planning tool.
  • Apply the What-What-How as an advanced Growth Action Planning tool for clients presenting with complex needs

Deeper Content

Trainees will also develop core knowledge and skills in:

  • Mindfulness and mindful intent in practice.
  • The ‘Life Buoyancy Model’, ‘Growth Target’ and ‘Building Block staircase’ as growth-focused models of intentional practice.
  • The application of the What-What-How’ as a coaching and communication framework.
  • Understanding and applying coaching processes to support clients to develop increased awareness and skills in (1) wellbeing, (2) resilience, (3) self-regulation and (4) trauma-informed growth planning.
  • Advanced applications of the ‘Activation Cycle’ across therapeutic and trauma-informed practice settings.
  • Scaffolding client growth through the building blocks of awareness, skills and mindsets.
  • The advanced script elements of validation, curiosity and coaching.

Who is the Workshop For?

Caregivers, teachers, case workers, managers, supervisors, community service workers, practitioners and professionals who have completed the Introductory IMPACT accreditation and would like to acquire advanced skills in applying intentional processes to support and grow clients.


All participants will receive a 64 page workbook and posters of the What-What-How® and Activation Cycle for individual use.

Scientific Underpinnings

The content of this workshop integrates three key scientific disciplines:

  • Positive Psychology – including the science of wellbeing, resilience, strength-based practice and self-determination theory.
  • Trauma-Informed Practice – including brain development (neuro-sequential), attachment and trauma, and post-traumatic growth.
  • Implementation Science – including the best-practice translation of science across complex systems, as supported through co-design and the empowerment of local wisdom and strengths.

Accreditation Pathway

Following the workshop, all participants are invited to complete an online reflective exercise and receive a certificate (through This completes Stage 2 IMPACT Accreditation (see here).

Trainees are then provided the opportunity to complete IMPACT Coach accreditation.


This workshop can be delivered either face-to-face or by Zoom webinar.

To participate in this workshop, you can:

  • Attend a Public Workshop – Click here for upcoming events.
  • Organise an Advanced IMPACT Workshop for Your Site, Team, School or Community (face-to-face or webinar) – For further information, please email: