Overview of Modules

Each of the following modules are designed to be explored side-by-side with a local IMPACT Coach and individual or small group.

These modules explore and then make practical the foundational IMPACT Program content.

These modules can be delivered in-person or through online webinar (Zoom).

Module List

1. What is Wellbeing and PERMA?
2. Self-Care and Stress Management
3. Child-Focused Care
4. Trauma and Its Impact
5. Brain Development and Functioning
6. Responding to Need and Not Reacting to Behaviour
7. Intentional Support or Caregiving – Introducing the What-What-How
8. Observing Without Judgement
9. Patterns – Triggers and Context
10. Under the Surface
11. Grounded
12. Safe Base
13. Growth Intent
14. Validation
15. Curiosity
16. Coaching
17. Activating Consequences
18. Time-In Versus Time-Out
19. Working With Others
20. Developing a Growth Action Plan

*Some modules are still undergoing development and refinement.

Accreditation and Online Record

Participants who complete the above coaching modules with an IMPACT Coach are invited to complete an online accreditation (with certificate). The accreditation and certificate is then linked to their online learning record (and other completed courses) at www.lblearninghub.org. Participants can access a record or print-out of their accredited courses at any time.

Access to Workshops or Modules

Individuals and agencies can access these modules through an accredited IMPACT Coach within their program or agency.

Please contact LBI (info@lbi.org.au) if you are interested in a module being delivered within your community (where your program or site does not have access to an endorsed IMPACT Coach).