LBI Foundation’s Vision is Collective Thriving, or Mental Wellness, Resilience and Inclusion for all Australians.

Our work is made possible through fee-for-service arrangements, philanthropic support, government funding and in-kind support from sponsors and supporters.

You Can Support Us Deliver our Vision in the Following Ways

Partnering With Us In A Community Development Initiative

We are interested in having conversations with schools, programs, NGO’s, care teams and sites who we can support and partner with in the delivery of local community development initiatives. We can support you to explore potential funding sources.

Sponsoring a Community Development Initiative

We have a number of unfunded (or only partially funded) projects with schools, agencies, regional areas and communities to deliver local wellbeing, mental health and whole-of-life outcomes for communities in need. We would love to talk to you about potential sponsorship opportunities. We seek to map community and funder.

Sponsoring an IMPACT Coach

IMPACT Coaches are LBI Foundation trained, accredited and supported personnel who are embedded within their community (e.g., agencies and schools) throughout the state. IMPACT Coaches build local capacity for wellbeing and mental health outcomes (with direct and in-direct touch-points for between 12-15 children with backgrounds of disadvantage, including trauma).

Sponsoring an Event

We deliver high quality training events to support local communities deliver wellbeing, mental health and whole-of-life outcomes for their most vulnerable members. Event sponsorship can range from $200.00 to $2000.00.

Offering Your Expertise

We rely upon the expertise of many people. We are really interested in talking to people and agencies who have expertise and time in:

  • Communications and marketing.
  • Audio-visual and multi-media communications.
  • Evaluation and research.
  • Online learning course development.

To Support Our Vision

If you are interested in supporting us deliver our vision, please contact LBI Foundation General Manager: John Shepherd AM,

We are committed to recognising all of our sponsors and supporters. LBI Foundation has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and donations over $2.00 are fully tax deductible.