We Equip and Empower Teams, Schools, Programs, Agencies, Regions and Systems to Deliver a Trauma-Responsive Community and Enable Vulnerable Community Members To Thrive.

What is Trauma-Responsive Practice?

Awareness Raising – Skill Expression – Mindset Shift

Children, young people and adults who have experienced trauma are at much higher risk of negative whole-of-life outcomes. They require a supportive environment that can not only meet their trauma and growth needs, but also provide them the resources and strategies to achieve their best and thrive.

Trauma-responsive practice is an approach and set of actions where supporting adults, communities and systems understand and bring ongoing awareness to the unique needs and contexts of humans. It brings a particular focus on trauma and adverse life experiences, and their behavioural, neurological, emotional, developmental, cognitive and social eff­ects.

Through this awareness, trauma-responsive practice is a set of actions or expressed skills delivered by supporting adults, communities and systems.

It brings focus to the design and implementation of wellbeing or growth solutions that

  • Bring focus to safety, trust and post-traumatic growth.
  • Are personalised to individual and/or community.
  • Respond to deeper under the surface needs/factors.
  • Are delivered in an intentional manner.
  • Bring together local wisdom, existing programs and community strengths, with the science of wellbeing and trauma-based methods.

Through local embedding, this transitions to the establishment of a trauma-responsive culture or mindset across the community.

We offer free resources on trauma-responsive practice on our online resource and accreditation platform: click here.

IMPACT Program

Our work to support communities embed trauma-responsive practice is founded upon the IMPACT Program.

IMPACT offers a unifying lens and language, supported by practical tools and resources, to enable the science of wellbeing, resilience, growth and trauma-responsive practice to be understood and applied by children, young people, adults and systems.

Training, Coaching and Whole-of-Community Approaches

We offer training, coaching and specialist resources on trauma-responsive practice that are designed to be tailored to the needs and resources of the school, agency, program or community. This includes

  • The IMPACT Respond Rather Than React (Introduction to Intentional Trauma-Responsive Practice 2-Day Workshop).
  • A 3-Hour Specialist Module or Workshop delivered in-person or by Zoom Webinar by a LBI Foundation psychologist.

We also offer a range of embedding strategies, as supported through local agency or community IMPACT Coaches. This includes the internal delivery of IMPACT Trauma-Responsive Practice Coaching Modules delivered by a locally embedded IMPACT Coach, and guided by a competency framework.

Further Information

If you require further information, or are not certain of the best direction for your community, then please email Dr Ivan Raymond at ivan.raymond@lbi.org.au