Overview of Modules

IMPACT Coaches can access the following 8 Modules and deliver them to children, young people and adults (above 11 years of age) within individual or group-based coaching (including classroom teaching).

The modules are designed to be delivered in a sequential manner and teach the core knowledge, skills and mindsets for individuals:

To regulate their internal state

Express wellbeing and resilience

Make a make a positive impact in their lives (through intentional actions and value-based goal setting).

These modules are mapped to the Resilient IMPACT Community Development Stream.

Module List

Module Name
1. What is Wellbeing, Resilience and PERMA?
2. How My Brain Works?
3. Activating My Frontal Lobe – What-What-How
4. What’s Happening Now – Mindfulness
5. What’s Important to Me – Values and Needs
6. Important Mindsets
7. How Can I Do This – Problem Solving and Goal Setting
8. What-What-How and Making a Resilient Impact

Access to Modules

Access to the modules for member-agency IMPACT Coaches are through www.lblearninghub.org.