We Equip and Empower Teams, Schools, Regions, Agencies and Systems to Build a Wellbeing-Responsive Community to Enable Vulnerable Community Members To Thrive.

What is Wellbeing-Responsive Practice?

Awareness Raising – Skill Expression – Mindset Shift

Children, young people and adults from vulnerable backgrounds require a highly responsive and supportive environment that can not only meet their wellbeing and growth needs, but also provide them the tools and strategies to empower them to thrive, and achieve the goals important to them.

Wellbeing-responsive practice is an approach and set of actions where supporting adults, communities and systems understand and bring ongoing awareness to the unique interaction between humans and their community, with a focus on wellbeing, mental health and whole-of-life outcomes.

Through this awareness, wellbeing-responsive practice is a set of actions or expressed skills delivered by supporting adults, communities and systems. It brings focus to the design and implementation of wellbeing or growth solutions that:

  • Are personalised to individual and/or community.
  • Respond to deeper under the surface needs/factors.
  • Are delivered in an intentional manner.
  • Bring together local wisdom and community resources, with the science of wellbeing and resilience.

Through local embedding, this transitions to the establishment of a wellbeing-responsive culture or mindset across the community.

IMPACT Program

Our work to support communities develop a wellbeing-responsive practice culture is founded upon the IMPACT Program.

IMPACT offers a unifying lens and language, supported by practical tools and resources, to enable the science of wellbeing, resilience, growth and trauma-responsive practice to be understood and applied by children, young people, adults and systems.

Training, Coaching and Whole-of-Community Approaches

We offer training, coaching and specialist resources on wellbeing-responsive practice that are designed to be tailored to the needs and resources of the school, agency, program or community. This includes

We also offer a range of embedding strategies, as supported through local agency or community IMPACT Coaches.

Further Information

If you require further information, or are not certain of the best direction for your community, then please email Dr Ivan Raymond at ivan.raymond@lbi.org.au